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Placeholders! [Apr. 1st, 2005|11:00 pm]
*points to post title*

Right. You may be wondering what, exactly, a placeholder is, and why in the universe we're posting about them. The answer's pretty simple, really.

See, due to circumstances beyond their control, some cue_the_pulse participants could not quite make the deadline. Don't worry - this does not mean that some of you won't be receiving anything, just that you may have to wait a day or two extra before your special made-to-order fic/vid/graphics arrive :D.

And this is where placeholders come in.

Basically, they're small offerings to everybody whose assigned-to person was forced to hold off for a while. Some people got icons, some people got manips, some people got a communal fic-type thing. This way, everyone ends up with a party loot bag :D.

We're calling them placeholders because they're pretty much only there until your actual pressie arrives. That is - you get to keep the icons/whatnots, but they're just there to keep the fire going until the actual firewood gets to the cue_the_pulse fireplace - er, to use a bizarre sort of illustrative metaphor :|.

We do have one special case, where one of the participants appears to have dropped out of the ficathon. Because of this, we decided to put the icons this person would have received up for grabs - they can be found here.

Also - THANK YOU to the people who did the placeholders! You know who you are, and we're insanely grateful to you.

Anyway, we hope you have a brilliant time checking out all the submissions and placeholders :D. Don't forget to comment your guesses to each post! This does include some of the placeholder posts - the icons were done by somebody not participating in the main ficathon, so this may make guessing rather hard, but the manip and the fic were done by cue_the_pulse people.