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for vedaprophet - fic - Picking Up The Pieces [Brian/Melanie] [Apr. 1st, 2005|01:25 am]
Picking Up The Pieces
For vedaprophet

Pairing: Brian/Melanie
Summary: "Heartless" Brian puts things back together for his close friends.
Rating: NC-17

Boy, one day you’ll be a man
Ohh girl, he’ll help you understand…
-Smile Like You Mean It, The Killers.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Gus came out from his room, leaping into Brian, who scooped him up in his arms as he walked in the door to Lindsay’s apartment.

“How’s my sonny boy? You’re getting really big!”

“I’m good, Daddy.” As he kissed Brian on the cheek, Gus wiggled his legs, signaling that he wanted to be put down.

“Ready to see your other mommy?”

“Yup! I miss her!”

As he put Gus down, Brian gave a quick look to Lindsay, who warmly looked at Brian.

“Thanks for doing this all the time, Brian.”

Lindsay and Melanie couldn’t really communicate without extreme bouts of bitterness and regret. As a result, Brian became the one to take Gus over to the see Melanie at the house, which Melanie had kept after the separation. It enabled Gus to live with both of his mothers, And for Brian to see Gus. Brian, who saw both of them on a regular basis, could sense how much Lindsay and Melanie missed each other, though he didn’t show much sympathy. He hated it when people saw his soft side; not like he had one…and although he always thought relationships were bullshit—despite the fact that he had a boyfriend in a non-defined, non-conventional way—he believed that people should really just have what they want (which was why he was with Justin), and not pussyfoot around when it came to other people. He had learned that after Justin left Ian and came back. He simply forgave Justin for fucking him over and hurting him and just got on with things. That, and where would he find an ass and mouth as perfect as Justin’s?

“Sure.” He replied coolly. Despite what he felt, he wasn’t going to lecture Lindsay on what to do, and he was happy to spend time with Gus.

“Brian…Can I ask you something?”

“What is it?” he said listlessly, as if he couldn’t be bothered.

Brian just looked at Lindsay. He wasn’t concerned, he wasn’t worried; he just was. She looked down, and then back up into his eyes. He could sense that what she wanted him to do wasn’t taking Gus to the zoo next weekend or something equally youthful. There was a look of hope in her eyes that was tempered by sorrow. Gus was the only thing that kept her from becoming hollow; she was drowning in a void of sadness and loneliness that only Mel had proved to fill.

“It’s kind of hard for me to ask, and you probably won’t do it…but then again maybe you will…you’re good at surprising people sometimes...” Her voice drifted off and she paused, and then continued, “Mel still won’t forgive me for sleeping with Sam…Auerbach…And I think it’s because she doesn’t understand what it’s like to be with one. A man, I mean. I know I’m a lesbian, Brian. You know that! It’s just so frustrating, because I miss her so much and she won’t forgive me. She won’t listen to me…”

Caustically, Brian said, “Let me guess. You want me to show her that there’s nothing wrong with a stiff prick?”

“Oh, Brian…Please? Would you?”

Brian didn’t answer, but Lindsay knew that he’d do what he could. She also knew that when Brian did something for his friends, it was never half-assed, and he did it because he meant it; she believed in him. He prevented Ted from being arrested, he gave his parental rights to Melanie, he helped Emmett get over Ted, tried to get Justin to remember and get over the bashing, gave up his sperm to his best friend so that she could have a baby…it was his way of showing that he loved people, that he had a heart.

“Ready to go, sonny boy?” Brian called out to Gus, who had gone back to his room to get his overnight bag. When Gus came running out of his room and told both of them he was ready to go, Lindsay gave Brian a hopeful look and told Gus to have a good time with Mel.

While Brian held Gus’ hand, he rang Mel’s doorbell and stared at the ground. What the fuck did I just agree to? But he knew the answer to that question. He knew that for Lindsay to be so tempted by a man, the seduction and the fuck had to have been good. After all, Brian was the only other man besides Sam that she had ever had sex with. And because the fuck had been good, she had felt guilty and told Mel. So Brian knew that he’d have to be good, which was completely possible. Sometimes he thinks he should’ve been an actor. When Melanie opened the door with Jenny Rebecca in her arms, she gave him an agitated and disappointed look, but she soon beamed with joy and excitement when she noticed Gus standing a few feet below. Brian noticed that she looked very tired.

“Sweetie!” She gleefully squealed.

Gus ran to her legs and clasped them. Stoically, she looked at Brian and thanked him. Even though Mel wasn’t particularly fond of Brian, she really did appreciate what he’d done for her, and what he continues to do for her. It was really difficult for her to see Lindsay, and although she missed her more than anything, she couldn’t bring herself to forgive Lindsay’s infidelity. I might as well feed the fucker for doing all this, even if he’d be ungrateful afterwards. Whatever. So she asked.

“Have you had dinner?”

He looked at her with confusion, and then replied, “Uh. No.”

“Why don’t you stick around? I made dinner if you want some. I promise it’s not poison.”

“Whatever, I should help Gus get settled, anyway.”

Mel let him in and Gus bounded upstairs to put his things away. Watching him, Mel noticed how big he’d been getting and wished that she could be in his life more often.

“Kindergarten just started, right? How’s that going?” She asked.

“He’s doing well. He fits in, which is good. Kids at his age don’t know he has two moms and a dad, so he wont get teased for at least another year. How’s JR?”

“Sleeping through the night. Healthy. Mumbles, but hasn’t really said anything yet. She’s been crawling a bit. So… you gonna stick around for dinner? There’s definitely enough for you; Gus doesn’t eat that much and Jenny Rebecca is still on the formula.”

Brian knew he had to accept, because it was all part of what he had promised to do for Lindsay. He and Mel prattled through some basic subjects, avoiding the icy waters of topics such as religion and politics, and acted civil around Gus and JR. Brian always felt that staying together for the kids was a fucking joke, but he knew that if there had to be interaction between parents, it should at least be appropriate. And Mel’s cooking wasn’t half bad.

After dinner, Melanie cleaned up while Brian and Gus played a little bit with JR. Brian didn’t really play, though. He just kept an eye out on the two and read the Times Magazine. Gus, intelligent like his father, knew how far he could push little JR before she’d cry. When Mel finished cleaning up, she came into the living room.

“Okay, Gus! It’s time for you and Jenny Rebecca to head up to bed!” Melanie said as she scooped up the little baby into her arms and took Gus’ hand after he had given his father a goodnight and goodbye hug. She looked to Brian like he should politely thank her for dinner (or not, the shit) and leave, but he just sat in the chair, ignoring her, reading his magazine.

Brian didn’t even have to think about what to do next. If seduction were school he’d have a Harvard degree, granted doesn’t have to work very hard with the men that he’s been with. He may be a definite cocksucker, but he’d fucked women before, and truthfully, he doesn’t hate it like he pretends to. He’d fucked Lindsay plenty of times in college and never hated it (it wasn’t half bad…), but he never did relationships so he never stuck to women. Of course he’d always liked a stiff prick way better than pussy, but comparing the two is like comparing coke to crack; they both make you cum or get you high. Similarly, Brian has always liked sex no matter whom it’s with, but some people have always preferred one drug to another. For him, sex was like that. Men were his drug of choice in a sea of sundry good methods for pain management.

Brian glided up the stairs to what used to be Melanie and Lindsay’s bedroom. He didn’t even have to think about what to do. Finding the door open, he peeked inside and saw Mel taking off her shirt, standing in her underwear. At least she has a good body, he thought. Thin, if not boyish. Small tits, thank god. If Mel won’t listen to words, then she’ll have to listen to something else. And he cared for Lindsay, so he knew that he had to go through with this. He silently unbuttoned his shirt in the hallway, as Mel still had her back to him. Creeping stealthily and confidently towards her, he pressed his bare chest to her back, relishing in the shared heat, and felt Melanie jump beneath him as she tried to turn around.

“Brian! What the FUCK are you doing?!” She whispered indignantly as loud as she could, so to not wake her sleeping children.

He held her still, though, with his big, strong hands on her bare shoulders, running his fingertips down her arms, causing her to shiver. “Haven’t you ever let a man fuck you, Melanie? Don’t you ever wonder what it’s like?” he whispered to her with his lips against her ear as he moved his hands down her chest to bring her nipples to full attention. While Brian cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples gently in between his fingers, Melanie attempted to fight him and tried to remove his hands.

“I’m not going to rape you Melanie, I’ll only do this with your consent…but you should let me show you what you’ve been missing,” he said heavily, as he breathed hotly into her ear, sending shivers down her spine, and proceeded to kiss her neck and suck on her ear. He moved his hands to grip her lithe waist and pushed his steel-like cock into the small of her back. She gasped and her eyes fluttered shut as she felt his cock twitch. Brian knew he had her. This was new for Melanie, and surprisingly, exciting. Sex was sometimes so primal, so full of lust, combined with the instinct to just get off; it didn’t matter who you were fucking. This was one of those times.

Brian lead Melanie to the bed and pushed her down. As they made their way to the head of the bed, he was on the prowl over her, like a wildcat. He looked at her with heavy-lidded bedroom eyes, full of want and eroticism, need and passion. He pinned her arms down and held them with one hand, while he ran his other over the silky, tawny skin of her torso. He ran his hand over her underwear between her legs, only to tease. He hovered his lips over hers, and when she reached up to kiss him, he pulled back. He teased her some more until he dove in for a searing kiss. While Brian removed his own pants, he sucked on her smooth breasts and neck gently and puffed hot air onto her collarbone and ears. He continued to move down her stomach to dip is tongue in her bellybutton, making her arch her back like a slut. Grazing her neck with his teeth, he ran his hands all over her supple, tight, tender body. He wanted her nice and wet, since women usually don’t use lube.

“Fuck, Brian…I…I don’t have any condoms!” she said in exasperation, though her voice was laced with disappointment.

She actually wanted to get fucked. By a man. And he’d give her a good one. He deftly produced a condom from his pants, which were on the floor, and ripped it open with his teeth. This usually turned a lot of people on, and despite Melanie’s hard front, it was working. She was below him quivering with anticipation. He rolled it on quickly, removed her underwear, and spread her legs. He didn’t look down, but felt that she was wet, practically dripping. When he touched her, reaching that heat between her legs, she whimpered wantonly but softly. She bucked up into his fingers, but he refused to enter her; he lightly rubbed her slit. She’d probably used a vibrator before, so he knew that she wasn’t tight like a virgin. He wasn’t going to break her; she’d just never had real cock.

“Fuck me…” she gasped, barely audible. The sound caused a further rush of blood to his loins as he growled.

He rubbed the bulbous head of his swollen, engorged cock against her clit, making her bite her lip and throw her head back. Her legs were spread out in almost the butterfly position; he moved the head to her slit and slowly slid it inside, gripping her hips to steady her. He moved out again, and pushed only the head again in this time, and could see how wound up she was getting. He eased in slowly, getting through the tight layers of her pussy, finally reaching the soft liquidy place that felt like a bulb. She let out a whimper at the surprise.

Strangely, they both realized how good it felt. Not as bad as they thought it would be, for the ardently self-proclaimed cocksuckers and carpet-munchers that they were. She was tight, wet, and hot, and he was hard and big. So big. Melanie had never felt so full in her life, and for some odd reason, this felt right. Tongues and lips became tangled as the two began to merge into one, and Mel, who held his face in her hands, caught his bottom lip between her teeth and pulled. Wrapping her legs around Brian’s waist, he began to develop a rhythm, gyrating his hips sweetly and steadily into her, gliding over her g-spot. Not too hard, just yet. His red swollen lips began to pout, and showed that he was melting into nothing but pleasure.

“You like that?” he whispered into her lips.

“Fuck, Brian…” she hissed and left her mouth gaping open in intense passion.

“Christ…Mel, you’re so…hot and deep…” he breathed between his fluid thrusts, grazing his lips over hers. She gasped and mewed beneath him as he hovered over her.

He knew she wanted it deeper as she writhed beneath him—the part of being a seduction artist was knowing when your partner wanted what—and so he paused for a minute to unwrap her legs and put them over his shoulders, beginning to lightly pound into her. He angled himself so that he was able rub her clit with the shaft of his cock. Their breathing deepened, and both were soon breathing laboriously like they were climbing a mountain. They continued to kiss lustfully, Melanie developing a dewy glow beneath Brian. She let out small staccato moans, trembling beneath Brian, as he kissed and sucked on her neck. The sound of skin lightly smacking together was heard while Brian’s balls hit the bottom of her ass.

“Are…” Thrust
“…you…” Thrust.
“…close?” Thrust. He buried his face into her neck and growled and she continued to pant.

But it was Brian’s whispering, “cum for me, Melanie.” that set her off.

Melanie was only able to let out loud “Mmmm!”—as if she was enjoying incredible cuisine (and she was, she was tasting Brian)—to signal that she was ready, otherwise Brian would have danced on that delicious edge until he knew she was going to cum. That was the whole point, to get Melanie to cum with a man inside her. She dug her nails into his back, ready to fall off the cliff with Brian.

After a few forceful thrusts, Brian felt his balls draw up and he emptied himself inside Melanie, who followed suit a few seconds after.

“Ohhh…oh fuck, Brian…Brian—I’m cumming…”

Melanie bit down into his shoulder muscle and let out a yell as she came with force, letting the sensation wash over her. She gripped his hair like one would the mane of a galloping wild horse while riding it. He lay on top of her for a half a minute, while the two panted heavily like bitches in heat, reveling in the luscious limp feeling in their bodies. Brian breathed in deeply, and slowly and rolled off her. He took off the condom, tied it off, dropped it into the trashcan, pulled out a cigarette, and lit it up. He took a long drag. His need for a post-coital nicotine fix was usually the cause of a particularly vigorous session. It was usually hard to make a woman cum. Men were always close, but women on the other hand, were about as far away from close as the U.S. was from South Africa.

Melanie reached over to slip the cigarette out from Brian’s fingers and took a long drag. They laid there for a few more minutes, sharing the cigarette and coming down off their highs in silence. When the cigarette was finished, Brain got up and dressed quickly. Then, bending down to give Melanie a kiss on her temple, he whispered, “I think you know what to do now,” and walked out of the room. Melanie heard the thumping of the stairs and door shut briskly soon thereafter.

Strangely, Melanie didn’t feel empty or insecure like most women do after they’ve had sex with a man (who leaves them almost immediately afterwards) for the first time. She had a new appreciation for Brian, and began to sense what Lindsay saw in him all this time. He came off like an obnoxious asshole, but he turned out to be the least selfish person she knew. He was a gay man, and he’d fucked a woman so that his best friend could have her lover back. She felt whole again, as if she had been filled with great enlightenment and understanding. Ha! She’d been filled with Brian, who would’ve thought? And yet, it had been really, really good. She knew that she was still a lesbian (a rugmuncher, a bull, a lezzie, a dyke), but she now understood why Lindsay could be attracted to having sex with a man. It wasn’t horrible, didn’t cause pain, and hey, she thought, to each their own. She knew that Lindsay could still declare herself a lesbian and at the same time be drawn to a man occasionally, the way that she had suddenly been drawn to Brian. Melanie drew in a deep breath, rolled over to the nightstand beside the bed, picked up the phone, and dialed. After it rang a few times, the voice of a familiar, caring woman said hello and Melanie replied,

“Lindsay? It’s Mel.”

[User Picture]From: darksylvia
2005-04-02 09:59 am (UTC)
Wow. I never would have thought it, but it worked pretty well. Nice job.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: luckycharm_13
2005-04-03 10:31 pm (UTC)
Good Job! I definitely didn't expect that to work as well as it did! :)
(Reply) (Thread)
From: vedaprophet
2005-04-03 10:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks for writing me a story, I appreciate it! This was interesting. ♥
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: luciblue
2005-04-06 08:18 pm (UTC)
Did you request a Brian/Melanie fic, or did you just get stuck with it?
If you did request a Brian/Melanie fic, what prompted you to do so?
I'm just really curious :]
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