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The Cue_the_Pulse Unveiling - The Moment You've All Been Waiting For [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Cue_the_Pulse Unveiling [Apr. 1st, 2006|08:52 pm]

And here we are, our dive into unconventional waters accomplished, but by no means complete.

We expect all of you to continue promoting the rare, weird, and undiscovered, spreading the varied pairing love far and wide. We're very proud of what all of you have accomplished, and it's been great to see the things that you guys have come up with. And, umm, dude. Thank you so much for humoring us. :D

All submissions can be found from the list behind the cut tag at the end of this post. You can browse, or you can go straight to the fic of your choice - they're all sorted by recipient.

Also, you can try your hand at guessing authors (and other creators) - their identities will be revealed on April 4th. Until then, have fun! And enjoy the brilliance!

moonwind_rising and sweetestdrain

Recipient / Is Receiving

for _mixed_media_ - fic - Everything Is As [Brian/Emmett]
for andtheafterglow - fic - anachronism [Cody/Justin]
for brittcakes - graphics [Ben/Brian]
for burnitbackwards - fic - Today I Woke Up Uncertain [Justin/Cody]
for carr0ts1979 - graphics - [Brian(/sexiness)]
for dawnydiesel - graphics [Ben/Michael, Drew/Emmett]
for dtkokoro - vid - Watching You [Justin/Ted]
for edenmalfoy - fic - Periphery [Daphne/Justin]
for eleveninches - graphics [Brian/Emmett, Ted/fic!wife]
for galeena - fic - No Where to Go [Brian & Debbie]
for hopper_ho - fic - Fluke? [Hunter/Daphne]
for jasperq - fic - New Beginnings [Justin/Emmett]
for kishijoten - fic - Pretend [Michael/Justin]
for kyleschick - placeholder - icon [Justin/Michael] - (see this post)
for lardencelover - fic - My place (lines that I couldn’t change) [Brian/Justin/Michael]
for luciblue - fic - After All [Brian/Lindsay]
for luckycharm_13 - fic - Like Incest [Michael/Justin]
for mcfeste - fic - Mr. Right [Emmett/George]
for mi_nion - fic - Rebound [Brian/Emmett]
for mojokid - fic - The Book of Right-On [Brian/Vance]
for nightsister - fic - Shiver [Ben/Michael]
for ou_topos - fic - I Need a Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy [Ted/Emmett]
for paddies - fic - The New Black [Brian/Jennifer (friendship)]
for beatperfume - fic - Tick (Part 1 of 3) [Brian/Withheld]
for paraka - placeholder (shared): fic + manip - Express Ticket [Brian/Vic, Michael/Justin] (see this post)
for passionflows - placeholder - icons [Brian/Lindsay] - (see this post)
for pluvial_poetry - fic - Learned [Brian/Ted]
for quinn222 - fic - When in Rio [Brian/Emmett/Justin]
for redbrickrose - fic - The Things We Do For Revenge [Stockwell/Vance]
for rivulet027 - fic - Lessons in Life [Hunter/Jason Kemp]
for seedyapartment - fic - Segue [Brian/Ethan]
for sogay - placeholder (shared): fic + manip - Express Ticket [Brian/Vic, Michael/Justin] (see this post)
for soundczech - fic - immortality blueprint [Brian/Cody]
for spaggel - graphics [Molly/Gus]
for stellarlee - graphics [Michael/Justin, Emmett/Justin, Brian/Ted]
for skittles - fic - I Wish I Was Your Lover [Brian/Ben]
for sweetestdrain - vid - Add It Up [Hunter(/others)]
for dangerlily - graphics [Michael/Justin, Justin/Hobbs, Ted/Blake]
for tick_tick - fic - Gone [Justin/Emmett]
for triciaqaf - fic - The Fabulous Life of Justin Taylor [Brian/Connor James]
for twistinside82 - graphics [Ben/Michael]
for vedaprophet - fic - Picking Up The Pieces [Brian/Melanie]
for zeldachilds - fic - Jim Stockwell is not a Fudgepacker [Justin/Stockwell]
for citizenjess - fic - Discovery [Ben/Justin]

Bonus: for grabs - graphics [Michael/Ted, Michael/Justin, Michael/Emmett, Michael/Gus]

Placeholders 101

P.S. If you notice any mistakes, either with the above list or with posted submissions, please email us.

[User Picture]From: sxysadie21
2006-06-07 07:40 am (UTC)
I think that there should be another challenge!!!

*Pulls out the puppy dog eyes*
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